Crisis Intervention

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You've reached your breaking point. 
We can fix it.



Sometimes the best way to help is to ask for help.

Caring for a client or loved one with dementia is challenging enough—when crisis hits it can feel overwhelming or even impossible. Together, we’ll find a path back to stability.

Whatever your client or loved one’s situation—a broken bone, aggressive behavior, refusal of care—our crisis intervention team will support you both.

Pick up the phone, and we’ll be on our way. Our team provides one-on-one dementia care in the home, hospital or residential community. Our mission is to stabilize the situation so everyone can breathe again, take a step back, and decide on the best long-term course of action.

Not all superheroes wear capes.

Our courageous team of highly trained Memory Care Professionals will get your situation under control and help you transition to the right routine care that will prevent future crises. 

Let us take it from here.

You're in crisis. But not for long. Call Tender Rose, and help is on the way. (415) 340-3990