The Tender Rose Approach to Dementia Care

Our approach focuses on the person behind the disease, engaging them in fulfilling, meaningful activities while avoiding anger and anxiety triggers. We train our Memory Care Professionals in dementia-care best practices and keep them up to date on new techniques and advances.

We developed our approach by adapting the Alzheimer’s Association’s best practice guidelines to person-centered, activity-based care at home. This approach engages dementia patients in activities that help them feel happy and fulfilled, while distracting them from thoughts that trigger anger, anxiety, or despair. Our approach, called “Care in Full Bloom”, has evolved over time to include best practices learned from the Lewy Body Dementia Association, the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration, leading clinicians and experience with our own clients.

Every Day Can Be a Good Day with Care in Full Bloom

By using our Care in Full Bloom approach to delivering person-centered, activity-based care, Tender Rose is able to improve moods and quality of life for your loved one. 

To provide meaningful, individualized care for clients, our Memory Care Professionals focus on creating activities that engage their abilities in six key areas:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Nutritional
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

Using this approach to
person-centered, activity-based care,
our Memory Care Professionals can
assure almost every day will be
a good one because it is filled with joy,
dignity and meaning for your loved one.



Our MCPs ensure your loved one has the opportunity to socialize, providing them with a true sense of remaining connected to life.


Our MCPs will help your loved one experience strong positive emotions–such as love, joy and serenity–by engaging in activities like reminiscing, enjoying I Love Lucy reruns or watching a Giants game.


Whether the goal is to recover from an injury, burn nervous energy or sleep better at night, our MCPs will engage your loved one in activities such as physical therapy, walking in the neighborhood or dancing.


Your loved one may still be able to shop at the Farmer's Market or help plan a creative meal. Our MCPs offer choices that foster a sense of independence while cooking healthy foods that stimulate the appetite.


Our MCPs will tap into your loved one's passions (e.g., history, art, bird watching) through activities such as reading, attending lectures, and conducting research together on the internet.


Attending a religious service, walking in nature or visiting a museum, our MCPs focus on spiritual activities that replenish the soul.


Who We Are

Tender Rose Dementia Care Specialists offers expert, one-on-one care, exclusively for people with dementia.

What We Do

The mission of our team is to make every day a good day –– for people with dementia and the people who love them.

How We Do It

By hiring the best Memory Care Professionals and giving them the support, training and compensation they need to focus on their clients, we’re able to offer person-centered, activity-based care that treats the person behind the disease and improves their quality of life.