Couples Care

As couples grow older together, they often support and care for each other. But what happens when both people develop dementia, or each is in a different stage of their disease? Or when one spouse has dementia and the other doesn’t?

Couples Care is ideal for this situation. Our Couples Care MCPs are specialists in dementia care, but their expertise extends beyond that. These specialized caregivers not only manage the often vastly different needs of both spouses, they also act as a buffer when spouses are agitating each other or interfering in the other’s care.


Maintaining the health of both parties as well as maintaining the relationship is where Couples Care really excels. Our clients Harold and Betty are a good example. Harold was shouldering the care for his wife when his own dementia became notable. We stepped in to help—we diffused the tension and found ways to help the couple reconnect with their hobbies—and most importantly, with each other.