Employee Insights

In the home and in the office, our team leads the industry. Discover what makes Tender Rose such a special place to work.

My background is in teaching and nursing (LVN graduate), so my current role in care management is a perfect match for my skills and strengths. I felt so supported as a caregiver at Tender Rose, and I’m still able to make a positive impact while collaborating with my team to problem-solve every day.”

Debbie, Director of Care Operations
Joined Tender Rose in 2014

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Debbie joined Tender Rose as a Memory Care Professional, was promoted to Care Coordinator in 2016, and was promoted again in 2020 to the role of Director of Care Operations.

The work culture at Tender Rose is deeply rooted in our core values; everyone here is committed to the same vision. At other companies, I didn’t feel like my work had a sense of purpose. Today, I know that the training I provide to our MCPs helps them improve our clients’ lives every day.”

Mike, Senior Director of Training
Joined Tender Rose in 2012

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Mike joined Tender Rose as a Memory Care Professional and has received several promotions over the years.

When I was a caregiver with Tender Rose, I always had someone I could call —day or night— for support in the field.As a Care Coordinator, I never know what my day will look like, and that keeps things interesting and exciting. Tender Rose is the only caregiving agency I’ve worked for where there’s equal investment and support in both our clients’ and our employees’ lives.”

Mila, Care Coordinator
Joined Tender Rose in 2016

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Mila joined Tender Rose as a Memory Care Professional in January 2016, and she was promoted to Care Coordinator in April 2017.

I’ve never worked for a company where everybody truly cares about what they do and are passionate about helping others. Everyone at Tender Rose is so great.  If you want to help people and make a difference, this is the company for you.”

Sam, Care Partnerships Manager
Joined Tender Rose in 2020

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Sam joined Tender Rose as Care Partnerships Manager for San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in January 2020.

Working at Tender Rose has improved my life because it’s given me meaning in my work; what we do every day is important and has value. You’re not going to find a company that will give you as much purpose as Tender Rose. I’ve never worked for a company like this and my heart belongs here.”

Courtney, Office Manager
Joined Tender Rose in 2018

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Courtney was hired in June 2018, and she has successfully helped Tender Rose open three new offices during her time with the company.