Personal Care

When your loved one becomes unable to independently perform the activities of daily living, Personal Care may be the next step.

Personal Care is focused on helping clients maintain dignity when they need support with hygiene, cleanliness, and basic medical services. We encourage our clients to participate at whatever level they can. Sometimes that means we help with activities but don’t perform them, allowing people with dementia to maintain their privacy and pride. In other situations, we take over the activity completely.


As with all of our services, Personal Care is

tailored to the specific needs of the client:

  • Bathing
    Staying clean and groomed is essential and relaxing—if it’s done correctly. We make sure to respect our clients’ privacy while maintaining safety and hygiene.
  • Dressing
    We encourage clients to dress independently but our MCPs are trained to take over if necessary. Often a person with dementia can accomplish the basics but needs help with buttons or shoes, for example. In other cases, even the basics are out of reach.
  • Toileting
    Our MCPs can handle incontinence care at every stage of dementia. We’ll oversee the transition from a timed toileting schedule in the early stages of dementia, to wearing adult underwear, to cleaning and changing briefs when the disease is in the final stages. MCPs are also trained to empty colostomy and catheter bags.
  • Eating
    We make sure clients eat healthy, balanced meals. We also closely monitor fiber and liquid intake to prevent constipation and bladder infections.
  • Transferring
    Transfers from one location to another (from bed to wheelchair, for example) can be difficult, but they’re vital to a client’s health and well-being. Proper transferring reduces bed sores and muscle atrophy and allows clients to move around their homes.

As dementia progresses, it becomes harder to perform basic activities. Our Personal Care services make sure the activities of daily living are accomplished with the utmost respect for our clients’ safety, pride, and dignity.