Workshops &
Training Sessions

Exceptional dementia care isn’t intuitive: it must be taught. But when it is—when a caregiver is empowered by best practice techniques and tools—relationships deepen, resistance is overcome, and quality of life dramatically improves.

Our training program is the most innovative and comprehensive in the industry—and it shows. We've brought joy and peace of mind to hundreds of clients over the years. 

Training Workshops

Training Workshops are available for families and professional caregivers. Workshops delve into the latest research, information, and techniques to help you better understand the person you’re supporting: their experience, their needs, and how to improve their quality of life.

Workshop topics include:

• Brain Changes
• DICE (Describe, Investigate, Create, Evaluate)
• Dementia and Sexuality
• Teepa Snow’s GEMS

New Hire Orientation

Every new Tender Rose Memory Care Professional completes this two-day session. The orientation covers our person-centered, activity-based approach; hands-on role-play that gets you inside the mind of the person with dementia; ways to connect as a trusted friend before tackling difficult tasks together; and other important subjects.

New Hire Orientation covers:

• Care in Full Bloom
• Dementia Sensitivity
• Positive Approach to Care
• First Impressions

Client-Specific Training

Before any Memory Care Professional begins working with a Tender Rose client, they complete a one-on-one training session with their Care Coordinator. During the session, the Care Coordinator reviews the client’s health overview, specific dementia type, agitation triggers, recommended interventions, and other information to improve the quality of care.

Client-Specific Training includes:

• Diagnosis and behaviors
• Full biographical history
• Preferences and hobbies
• Tools for skillful redirection