What is included in the hourly rate?

Our hourly rate includes:

  • One-on-one care by a highly trained Memory Care Professional (MCP)
  • A designated Care Coordinator who provides ongoing care support and assistance
  • A designated Scheduler to assist with all schedule-related needs, including changes to the team, covering call-offs, and matching the right MCPs to the needs of the client
  • 24/7 support for anything that comes up during or outside of normal business hours
  • Assessments
  • Development of the care plan
  • Training MCPs on the care plan
  • Ongoing coaching, training, and shadowing for backup MCPs

Will my Memory Care Professionals prepare and cook meals during their shifts?

Absolutely! Part of the customized care plan we develop includes meal and food preferences. You can provide as much or as little input as you want, but our MCPs can handle grocery shopping and meal planning, preparation, cooking, and cleaning.

Do I need to worry about scheduling caregivers and whether a caregiver will show up?

No, that’s our job! Our experienced Schedulers carry the smallest caseloads in the industry (no more than fifteen clients each) so they can provide a concierge approach to managing team schedules. They'll set up training for backup MCPs to alleviate the problems caused by new faces when a regular team member calls out sick or goes on vacation. When they have to cover a shift last minute, they will email you the bio of the MCP who’s covering along with details about the situation.

When my husband and I have a scheduled outing together (dinner reservations, a movie, a social event), does our Memory Care Professional come along or stay home?

We are here to improve the quality of life for you and your loved one. If you need the support of your MCP on an outing, they will gladly accompany you. If you prefer privacy, they will stay at your home and take care of household chores and other duties until you return.

Can our Memory Care Professional take my wife shopping, to the nail salon, to her exercise classes, to restaurants, etc.?

Outings and activities are at the heart of person-centered, activity-based care. To the degree that they can, we want our clients to stay busy and active in their community. Part of each client’s customized care plan includes a list of outings they enjoy and a schedule of ongoing leisure appointments that your MCP will gladly take them to. We have many clients who still go to museums, the symphony, galas, and dance classes with their Memory Care Professional. We even have clients who go on vacations domestically and abroad, accompanied by their MCP to reduce travel-related anxiety and help manage ongoing care needs.

Do I still have to order and pick up supplies, medications, and other essential items?

Only if you choose to! You will have a dedicated Care Coordinator to assist with medication refills and pickups, ordering supplies like undergarments and assistive devices, setting up doctor’s appointments, and sharing follow-up notes for your review and information.