In-Facility Care

Our goal is to keep our clients at home as long as possible. Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to transition to assisted living or memory care. Even in those cases, we work to maximize the quality of life for our clients and their families.

When a person with dementia lives in a facility, it’s usually because their condition has progressed so far that they are a danger to themselves or others if they remain at home. The risk doesn’t end once they enter the facility, however. In fact, we’re often called to help protect other residents from a client’s challenging behavior or provide hands-on support so a client can remain in assisted living and avoid moving to memory care.


Our client Dorothy, for example, was causing drama at her assisted living facility. Between her hallucinations, disorientation, and plunging ability to communicate, Dorothy was in danger of being transferred to the memory care unit. We collaborated with facility directors to diffuse the situation so Dorothy could remain in assisted living.

When our client Dr. Douglas was on the verge of eviction due to his escalating violence, we had similar success. Our team of Memory Care Professionals provided 24/7 one-on-one care within the facility, allowing facility directors to protect other residents while continuing to care for Dr. Douglas.

If your loved one is in a facility but needs additional support, Tender Rose can help make it an option that works for the facility, the residents, and the person with dementia.