Welcome to Tender Rose Academy.

Empowering exceptional dementia care.

Welcome to Tender Rose Academy, our leading-edge dementia care training program. The Academy provides education, tools, and techniques to anyone supporting a person with dementia.

Training is an enormous part of our work here at Tender Rose because it’s so essential. Dementia care isn’t intuitive; even the most well-meaning family member or professional caregiver can take the wrong approach because they’re not meeting the person with dementia where they are.

As needs and abilities change, our understanding and approach must keep pace. We’re here to help you understand, connect with, and support your loved one or client as they move through their journey. Tender Rose Academy isn’t just for people with dementia—it’s for the people who love them.

Dementia can bring up guilt and loss. Through the Academy, we work to help you understand what’s happening to your loved one, process the loss and changes, and prepare for the road ahead. When you’re ready to start, we’re here. And you’ll have our support and guidance at each step along your journey.