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Tender Rose offers expert one-on-one dementia care in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and homes. Our Memory Care Professionals (MCPs) are highly trained in person-centered, activity-based care that improves the quality of life for people with dementia and the families who love them.

Why Tender Rose?

    • We’re different from other care options because we’re in a third category that goes beyond traditional home care and assisted living facilities. 

    • We’re specialists who understand the unique challenges of caring for people with dementia. Our full team of professionals provides a standard of service that’s unmatched in the industry. 

    • Tender Rose MCPs ensure medications are taken correctly and that reliable data about their efficacy and the patient’s environment is communicated. 

    • We work in hospitals and communities, but we can also help people with dementia live their entire lives at home safely, with joy and meaning.

Learn How We Can Help

At Tender Rose, we offer a holistic approach to dementia care and wellness, helping your patients stay at home and reclaim joy and meaning in their lives.

Peace of mind for patients, families, and you. Contact us today.