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Tender Rose offers specialized one-on-one care for people living with dementia. Our full-service, proactive team includes highly trained Memory Care Professionals (MCPs), Care Coordinators and Staffing Managers. We see ourselves as members of the care community and believe that by working together with other experts and agencies, we can provide the best possible care for people with dementia and their loved ones.

We’re different from other agencies because we work exclusively with people who have dementia. We’re equipped to handle challenging cases because of our focus and approach.

Why Tender Rose?

  • We help protect—even improve—agency reputation because owners are referring their client to a proven specialist.

  • Since we’re experienced in proactively spotting and neutralizing triggers of violence, we can protect caregivers and reduce worker’s comp claims.

  • We can help reduce caregiver turnover, staff burnout and frustration.

Learn How We Can Help

Most importantly, by helping home care agency owners solve challenging dementia cases, we can all do right by the clients we serve.

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