expert one-on-one care

Tender Rose provides expert, one-on-one care at home, exclusively for people with dementia.

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We're honored to work with so many clients and families, and proud of the impact we've made on their quality of life.

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Our Story

If you're here, it's because your life has been touched by dementia. Our CEO, Jim Kimzey, founded Tender Rose because he was seeking the best dementia care for his own mother—we understand how to best support our clients because we’ve been in their shoes.

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Our Approach

At Tender Rose, we focus on the person behind the disease. We help engage them in life again–rediscovering those things that bring joy, meaning, and dignity–while avoiding anger and anxiety triggers.

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Join the Team

Whether you specialize in caregiving or administration, working in the home or in the office, you'll share a mission with every member of the Tender Rose team: to make every day a good day for our clients with dementia.