Live-In Care

When COVID-19 struck, the world quickly—and tragically—learned that asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic caregivers were the biggest threat during in-home care. In response, we immediately launched Live-In Care to keep our clients and Memory Care Professionals safe from current and future pandemics.

To reduce the risk of infection, Live-In Care is handled by carefully selected two-person teams with only two shift exchanges per week. We follow stringent guidelines for disinfecting and social distancing, and a designated Care Coordinator delivers groceries and PPE every week.


Our client Walter was the first to sign up for the new program. Since implementing Live-In Care, Walter stayed as safe as it’s possible to be during a global pandemic. The program also protects our caregivers. During the crisis, home care was classified as an essential service—but at Tender Rose, the care our MCPs provide has always been essential.