Fostering Empathy Through Dementia Training

Mike Ballesteros

Posted by Mike Ballesteros on July 10, 2016

Our agency focuses solely on dementia care, so we’re fortunate enough to work with professional caregivers who come to us with critical skills and expertise in this area. Our goal is to set our Memory Care Professionals (MCPs) up for success with our clients and empower them through additional, ongoing training and support.

Most education models teach the WHAT of dementia, which revolves mainly around facts, figures and information. Dementia Specialist Teepa Snow developed the Positive Approach™ to Care (PAC), which takes this a step further and teaches the HOW of dealing with dementia. PAC focuses on how caregivers can maintain a positive relationship with somebody who has a changing brain, and the myriad behaviors and challenges that often come with that. Teepa's relational approach and hands-on techniques offer the interpersonal skills needed to improve quality of life for everyone involved, including being able to understand the experience of living with dementia from the client’s perspective.

Topics: Dementia Home Care, Training